Real Estate Photography and Online Portfolio

High-quality photography of your property will help attract greater numbers of potential buyers, ultimately increasing the sale price. With painstaking attention to composition, lighting, and colour, our services for real estate photography are second to none.

  • Use of special lenses and techniques, including ultra-wide angles
  • Correction of perspective and distortion
  • Sharp, beautiful, high-resolution photos for website or print
Community and Property Development

We offer communications packages to help developers connect with the community and share their vision. This can include:

  • Custom photography of developer's previous projects
  • Photography of scale models and architectural illustrations
  • Design and printing of community information brochures
  • Integration into a website showing photos and updates in planning
  • Online forum to act as a bulletin board and communication point for community members and the developers

Woodworkers, tile-setters, finishing carpenters, and others who work in the trades create the things that people surround their lives with. We will skillfully photograph not only your finished projects, but also the step-by-step process of your work.

  • Showing your work using beautiful photos makes it easier to talk to potential clients, and ultimately increases sales success
  • Journalistic documentation of the steps involved in your work
  • Photos that show the important details of your craft
  • Printed portfolio, website, and business cards available
Commercial, Exhibits, and Museums

High-end photography of product displays, jewelry arrangements, and styled food creations. Shot on location with carefully balanced lighting and creative compositions.

  • Use of the rarest, highest-quality lenses in the world to capture images of food, jewelry, and other products
  • Apochromatic "perfect" lenses that we use for jewelry and food product photos record colour vibrantly, and will not introduce aberrant colours even of sparkling diamonds at high magnifications
  • Experts at close-up or extreme macro photography of jewelry, gemstones, coins, museum artifacts, and biological specimens
Interior Designers

Interior designers are experts at creating a special atmosphere in a home, office, or commercial space. Their creative work deserves the finest attention that a photographer can give. We document your completed projects with style and precision, and every project builds the strength of your portfolio.

  • Use of special lenses and techniques, including ultra-wide angles
  • Special attention to composition, lighting, and colour
  • Correction of perspective and distortion
  • Sharp, beautiful, high-resolution photos for website or print

Whatever your medium, your practice deserves to be documented accurately, and presented professionally. Using unique lenses originally designed for industrial reproduction, our photography captures the finest details with precise colour.

  • High resolution photography of two or three dimensional work
  • Suitable for limited edition prints for sale, website, or printed portfolio
  • Lenses used are superbly-corrected for chromatic aberrations and all types of distortion