Reaching clients is difficult, unless you can let your work speak for itself.
You need a way to show it to them. This is where we come in.
Integrating these elements, we will
  • present your clients with┬ástunning examples of your work.

  • show you in action.

  • create photographs that capture your work in its best light.

  • demonstrate your craft in its basic element.

  • set an atmosphere that will showcase your creativity.

  • show the world a new perspective of what you do.

  • put the focus on the finest details of your product.

  • stylishly display your most treasured collections.

  • compose panoramic views of your favorite scenes.

  • design a portfolio that you can take with you, and be proud of.

Show Off

Show Off Your Products

You've been working hard on building your product. Now you need a website that will help compliment your efforts without distracting or putting your customers off.

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We like to keep things simple so that we can concentrate on the real task:
helping you communicate with your clients.


We know how difficult it is to explain your work to a client.
Reinforcing your pitch with a portfolio can take the pressure off.

At Perfect Portfolio, we're passionate about showing your work to the world in engaging ways.
With a dedication to quality, we combine mediums to create a product that will help you get noticed.

The Process

We meet with you to discuss ideas on how to strengthen the marketing of your business, while enjoying a good cup of coffee (or tea).

We visit your work location to create a high-quality collection of photographs that document what you do with precision and style.

We talk to you about your website options, and consult with you throughout the web design process, while using the best web technology to build your site.

Based on your choices and our guidance, we provide you with a complete marketing package:

  • We'll compose an original photo collection that captures and embodies your work.
  • When meeting clients face-to-face, you'll have a fine-quality printed portfolio that will let you show instead of tell.
  • New clients will find an eye-catching and powerful website that showcases the images for the world at large, and uses our cutting-edge web analysis techniques to continually evolve.
  • We'll create custom-designed business cards that can make an impact in a moment, and draw clients to your website - giving you exposure.
  • We'll generate even more exposure by providing a direct link to your website on ours, and by featuring photos of your work.

Real-World Examples

These galleries were all shot to capture the exceptional work of people like you.
Take a look at our Galleries page for more.

Real Estate Portfolio

Photography of private residence, for owner's personal portfolio for real estate presentation.

24 Photos

Jay Hehr - Tile Setter

A set of process-documenting shots demonstrating the precise and beautiful work of Jay Hehr.

36 Photos

Interior Design Portfolio

Photos taken for the interior design firm Acacia (now Patricia Stafford Design), showcasing the beautiful work they've done for clients around Victoria, BC.

36 Photos


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